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Yoga means connection, union. It is the art of living. Through this ancient practice we learn how to listen to the needs of our body, mind and soul to bring ourselves into a balanced and joyful state. For that, yoga has different tools such as:


Asanas are the most popular tool in the western culture. There are infinite possibilities of poses that teach us how to relax, stretch and strengthen our body, improving our flexibility and core. It’s meditation in a dynamic way.


Kryias are techniquess that purifies the body and energetic pathways.


Pranayamas are breath exercises that teach us how to amplify our lungs capacity and feed better our cells with extra oxygen and vital energy (prana).


Yoganidra teaches us how to recognise the different sensations through the body and how to relax and energise it through the power of our own consciousness.


Meditation is a great tool to clear the mind and calm the heart, opening the possibilities to experience different states of consciousness. 


Yoga is an amazing practice that reduces stress, anxiety and pain. It can lead us to the expansion of oneself to the oneness with everyone and everything. Give it a try and explore your best self!


Private and group classes are available.


🇻🇪 Gracias dejaste una gran semilla ahora la riego dia tras dia para ayudar a otros semilleros. Maestra de Luz :)

🇨🇦 Thanks, you left a great seed now I water it day after day to help other sowers. Master of Light


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