Thank you so much everyone who joined the beautiful Outdoor Summer Yoga session. It was so good that we decided to continue over September! 

Gentle Yoga at Filberg Park in Comox

September session (1st - 25th)

Location: by stage

$56/4 ($14/class)

$18 drop in (available only if it's not raining as the stage is reserved for the registered students)

Flow Yoga at Village Park in Cumberland

Until Sept 30

It's by the unique tree in the edge of the open field

The tree gives us enough shelter in case of light rain ;)

No class if there is a heavy rain

By donation

Flow Yoga at Lewis Centre in Courtenay

From Sept 23 - Dec 16

No class on Nov 11

$6.5 drop in

Reservation required online or over the phone only at 250-338-5371 or 250-338-1000. 

Class Guidelines

  • Stay home if you are unwell

  • Arrive 10 minutes before

  • Keep the 6 feet physical distance

  • Clean your hands before the class and bring hand sanitizer anyways

  • Bring your own yoga mat. Props are not required but you can bring them if you like

  • Bring a water bottle

  • Avoid eating for at least an hour before class

  • Turn off your phone or leave it at home ;)


    Be tuned with your 

    sensations and back off or come out of poses / exercises anytime


Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga

Nurture yourself

Move slowly and gently through simple poses, having the time to listen to your body’s needs and explore your lungs capacity. Relax, stretch, build strength and cultivate mindfulness. Suitable for beginners and people with physical challenges.

Flow Yoga

Set an intention

Breath mindfully while you flow from pose to pose. Improve your flexibility, muscle tone and balance your energy through breathing and cleansing exercises. Suitable for those with the ability to do Sun Salutations.

Restorative Yin Yoga

Nourish your nervous system

Balance your nervous system with a moment of stillness, breath and awareness. At this class, we hold poses for a longer period. You can work to gently restore your body, or you can deepen your pose to further release tensions while increasing your flexibility and mobility. Surrender into a deeper state of relaxation and peace. Suitable for everyone.

Intermediate Flow

Challenge yourself

Experience stillness, movement, breath and cleansing exercises. Mindfully challenge yourself with hand balances and a varying degree of inversions. Suitable for those with the ability to do Sun Salutations.

All Levels AcroYoga Class & jam

Explore the world upside down

AcroYoga combines yoga, partner stretching, acrobatics and massage. It elevates the connection between you and others through movement, cultivating the art of listening, trust and joy. Learn how to move from one pose to another, base, fly and spot in a safe way. No experience required.

Meditation Group Sitting

Find inner peace

If you did a 10 day Vipassana Meditation retreat or just would like to practice stillness and silence, you are welcome to join us.


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