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Daiana Gama's teachings range from Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Kundalini yoga to Acroyoga and Ayurvedic instruction. Each style enables her to understand the art of Yoga from different perspectives. Her style of teaching has grown and evolved over the years and includes various breathing and cleansing techniques to purify the body and soul. 

Daiana is passionate about the body and its chemistry and therefore is not only an internationally renowned yoga-teacher but also a masseuse. She specializes in Thai massage, Ayurvedic Oil massage, Functional Biomechanics, and Reiki. 


In using the benefits that come from yoga and its underlying tradition, she believes that one will find a balanced mind and centered spirit.


The Journey:

In 2000, Daiana began her journey of self-knowledge and discovery in her homeland Brazil. In order to understand anatomy, physiology and human biochemistry, she studied Physiotherapy for 2 years. In that same time, she started studying massage therapy, where she developed the art of touch. Daiana has been travelling and teaching since 2008. Over these past 10 years, she has been to 22 countries learning with different masters. One of these Masters was Amma, the hugging saint. Just by staying in her presence Daiana felt a deep feeling of Love and Bliss. In Spain and Guatemala, she was initiated in Reiki, Japanese energy healing, which brought her more understanding of the energy fields between all things and how to work with it. In Thailand, she improved her studies of Thai Massage at the well-known Sunshine Massage School.

Also, Daiana has a lot of gratitude to Master Pablo Scorza for the 13 year period that he taught her Functional Biomechanics.

Daiana rooted herself in the Comox Valley in BC, Canada in 2018. From here she continues to share the art of massage and yoga. 

To view Daiana's certifications and accreditations click here 

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