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Give the gift of a nourishing experience for your loved ones. . They will be glad that you did!

Simply choose your Wellness Gift and email the details (name, email address, personal message) of the person you are buying for to and your Gift Card will be mailed within 24 hrs. 


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Alison Smith, Australian

Dear Daiana,

Rodellar, my sanctuary, my healing, my place for being, my place for solitude, my place for having fun, for pushing myself to the limits, for partying, for relaxing, for sharing with my friends and family. 


Having you there really makes this trip special, you are my healing phase of the week. I’m a nurse and work in a big hospital in the neonatal intensive care unit. I've seen so many health professionals in my professional life and know that those who excel in their work are those who love it and want to heal and care for others. Some say it’s a vocation, some say its just part of your personality, some say it’s a gift. I believe that in your case it’s a gift and one which you embrace. I always feel totally safe and well cared for in your massage sessions and I feel that it’s not just about relaxing the muscles, it’s a total body cleansing. There’s something that you do which makes getting in touch or in tune with myself so very easy. Thank you for that, you are really an amazing person. I also have to add that some of my friends who have come to you for massages, and who are not into “alternative therapy” come out of your little hut with a totally different view! We all talked about our different elements of fire, water, air, and earth, and it was wonderful to understand each other on a different level. My husband Damien was never really into massage or yoga, but now he wants to continue yoga in Toulouse and get into the meditation part of it! Amazing :-)

With kind regards

Peace, Love, and Harmony to you….


Petra Pivonkova, Czech Republic

My first ever yoga lessons were with Daiana and I must say she really helped me find my way of liking yoga. She loves what she is doing and she really believes in it which is exactly what she transmits as a yoga teacher. She is very relaxed and has a flexible mind which helps when one is looking for her/his way into asanas without forcing them or using too much strength.

In general, she is a very positive person full of joy and that I believe is a very important part of her yoga teaching,  because these qualities of hers help create a nice,  good energy atmosphere in the lessons.

She is also strong and has loads of yoga practice experience, therefore her lessons are a great option also for more advanced yogis.

Considering her massages and Ayurvedic treatment sessions, the first thing coming to my mind is a great pleasure on both physical and mental level. I definitely recommend her sessions for all kinds of problems from physically overstressed bodies to exhausted minds. She has got a great skill and knows her craft really well which accompanied by her caring and relaxed personality makes just a perfect combination to relax the whole yourself, muscles and mind.


Ross Cameron, Canada

Daiana is clear, honest and talented at massage, movement, yoga, acroyoga, mindfulness, and capoeira. She is totally about the connection between body and mind.

I am older (okay, 56) and a total beginner at many of these things but she just draws you in and accepts you exactly as you are. She is a really good person and a wonderful teacher.


Daiana Gama

(778) 585 6124

Comox Valley
Vancouver Island
BC, Canada 
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