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Thai Massage

Bodywork with Daiana

Experience awareness of your breath, and sensations and improve your overall body functionality.

Give yourself, your friends and family a moment of joy, relaxation and wellbeing!

Also, you can choose from the comfort of your own home. Additional charges will apply depending on the travel time to reach you.

If you are booking your first bodywork, please choose a minimum 90 minutes session as the assessment can take up to  30 minutes.

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Thai Massage

Relax, Energize & Stretch 

Thai Massage is an ancient healing system that originated in Thailand. It combines Indian Ayurvedic principles, acupressure, and assisted yoga postures. The whole body is massaged. The muscles get relaxed, the joints gain mobility, the energy flow improves and the body gets passively stretched. Some of the benefits include increased blood circulation, pain relief and a sense of well-being. Some people can experience different levels of consciousness.

Oil is not used. Come to your Thai massage session with comfortable clothes and an open, relaxed mind.

60 mins $110 / 75 mins $135 /  90 mins $150/  105 mins $175 /  120 mins $200


Ayurvedic Oil Massage

Relax & Detox

Ayurvedic oil massage or Abhyanga massage is one of the many tools of Indian Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine where the entire body is nourished with oil. It relaxes the muscles, lubricates the joints, increases blood circulation, moves the lymph supporting the elimination of toxins, relieves pain, improves the energy flow and calms the nerves giving a deep feeling of relaxation. 

60 mins $110 / 75 mins $135 /  90 mins $150/  105 mins $175


Functional Massage

Improve your Wellbeing

Functional Massage is a blend of other techniques like Ayurvedic, Thai Massage and Functional Biomechanics. At the beginning of your session, there is a physical evaluation and in the end, there is an orientation about functional exercises that will improve the health of your body. Each session is done with a functional vision considering the personal needs of your body. 

Oil may be used in some parts, depending on the body's needs and on the customer's preference.

60 mins $110 / 75 mins $135 /  90 mins $150/  105 mins $175 / 120 mins $200

Pregnant Woman by Birch

Prenatal & Postpartum Massage


A future or new mom deserves a treat of deep relaxation. Feel, breathe and enjoy. Embrace the changes in your body and soul. 

This session can be Thai Massage, Ayurvedic Oil Massage or Functional Massage style.

60 mins $110 / 75 mins $135 /  90 mins $150/  105 mins $175


Chair Massage

Nourish your Upper Body

Chair massage is a very comfortable way to receive back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands massage with clothes on. The muscles relax, which improves the blood flow and allows more oxygen and vital energy to reach the tissues. The mind clears and the emotions harmonize, improving the level of overall energy.

Also, chair massage is a great service to offer in the work environment, hospitals, hospices or in the comfort of your own home. 


20 mins $40  /  30 mins $60

Reiki Treatment


Harmonize your Energy

Throughout Nature, there is an energy field connecting everything. Every thought, word and action influences our level of energy and of those around us including plants, animals and other people. 


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing art. The energy is self-intelligent and goes where the body needs. It calms the nervous system, relaxes the body, and increases the sense of peace and wellbeing, all of which can help build a stronger immune system. Also, it can be done by distance.

45 mins $70 / 60 mins $90


Daiana Gama

(778) 585 6124

Comox Valley
Vancouver Island
BC, Canada 
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