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AcroYoga is a super fun way to explore the world upside down! It combines the gentleness of yoga, the deepness of partner stretching, the excitement of acrobatics and the therapeutics of healing arts. It elevates the connection between you and others through movement. “The experience of taking flight with AcroYoga instantly dissolves fears and invites practitioners to tap into new and infinite possibilities of communication, trust, and union” ( It’s a lovely way to wake up our Inner Child.  

Solar AcroYoga is more acrobatic, it's dynamic, challenging and very fun. It cultivate strength, confidence and joy.

Lunar AcroYoga is therapeutic. It's receiving an up side down massage and passive stretch while cultivating the art of listening, compassion and letting go.

Thai Massage is also part of the AcroYoga practice. It helps to relax and compensate the body's efforts after a long session of basing and flying.  And it feels goooooooooooood!

At this class you will learn how to base, fly and spot in a safe way.  

Come alone, bring a friend or bring the whole family! 


Private and group classes are available.

Lucy Vanegas - Colombia


          Gracias por cruzarte en mi sicrodestino

tus enseñanzas viajan en mi 

el acroyoga el yoga son parte de mis amaneceres

y para ti hermosaaaaa luzzz del almaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

toda tu eres abundancia por donde vas tu casa eres tu


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