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Covid-19 Safety Plan & Class Recommendations

• Everyone is welcome to join the group classes.


Avoid eating an hour before the class.

• Arrive around 10 minutes before class.


• Class list for contact tracing will be kept through the duration of  the session and will be available upon request at any time.


• Anyone with symptoms of illness or being in direct contact with someone testing for COVID 19 will stay away until results are known and will inform the instructor. 

• The building entrance will be opened for participants to enter/leave the class. They will be locked during the class for safety reasons.


• Please, help yourself with the hand sanitizer available by the entrance.


• Wear a mask entering & leaving class or en-route to the washroom. 


• Keep a distance of 2 meters from other participants at all times. If this is compromised please use a mask. The mats will be 2.5 meters apart and masks are optional during class.


• Participants will fill the Hall starting from furthest available spacing from entry/exit door.  


• All touch points will be sanitised before and after class.

• Bring your own mat and props that you might need like strap, blankets and blocks.  Bring a water bottle. A blanket or alternative to go beneath your mat to help define your personal space and keep your hands from touching the floor is recommended. 

• Be tuned with your sensations and back off or come out of a pose/exercise anytime.

• At the end of class the masked participants will be directed one at a time to leave to ensure social distancing.  


• Once outside the building and clear of the doorway, participants can visit.


• If the classes have to be cancelled everybody would be refunded or get a credit.


Thank you for joining us!



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